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RASTUS export plugin for stochastic screening

Copyright 1996-2006 Toby Thain,

A plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that creates high-resolution stochastically screened (screenless, also known as Frequency Modulation or error diffusion, similar to Agfa CristalRaster) bitmaps from halftone images.


RASTUS has proved ideal for producing high resolution (near-continuous tone) negatives for contact prints using alternative photographic processes, and "screenless" halftones for offset printing.

It has several advantages over in-RIP solutions:

  • low cost
  • works with any imagesetter
  • supports TIFF and EPS output
  • can produce output bitmap images larger than Photoshop's 30,000 pixel limit
  • uses interpolation for high quality results
  • can produce a variety of dot sizes (successfully tested on newsprint)
  • can create files with any number of separable channels in DCS 2.0 format
  • can be used to create "transparent" drop shadows and similar effects
  • a free evaluation version is available.

RASTUS is currently being used in many applications:

  • Platinum, palladium, and gum over platinum prints
  • Van Dyke and silver gelatin prints
  • Albumen prints
  • Photopolymer (solar) plates for letterpress
  • Photogravure plates (eliminating the dusting process)
  • Offset printing plates
  • Lenticular imagery.

RASTUS - Monochrome

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RASTUS has the endorsement of several experts in alternative process printing. See this page for some comments or contact us for more information.

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